Monthly Subscription. Pay As You Grow. No Commitment.


Full Patient Communications Platform

  • Full Practice Management &  Patient Portal Suite

  • Works Directly From Your Own Website

  • Invite Patients To Download the Wellola "Communicare" app for FREE to manage all communications

Patient-Facing App

  • Offer a premium healthcare experience by offering your clients a patient portal.


Secure Video Consultations 

  • WebRTC infrastructure included. Unlimited e-visits online or in-app. No downloads required.


SMS Messaging

  • Opt in to avail of SMS notifications, messaging and reminders directly to your patients phone

€0.07 per SMS

incl. VAT

ePOS- Electronic Point of Sale

  • Opt in to avail of e-invoicing, prepayment, payment within video-call sessions

1.9% and 0.25€

per transaction

Unless stated otherwise, all prices quoted are EX VAT. If your needs have not been met in this pricing model, please contact our sales team and we will do our best to find a solution for you -