New Online Care App launched for healthcare professionals working with Irish Nursing Homes

Wellola has collaborated with Nutricia, part of world-leading food, beverage and nutrition company Danone, to develop an app that will enable residents in over 170 Irish Nursing Homes to receive remote specialist care from Nutricia's dedicated Healthcare Professionals.

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, Nutricia delivered access to dietitians, speech & language therapists and tissue viability nurses to nursing home residents almost entirely in face-to-face settings. Now, via the Nutricia Care app platform, these services can move online where appropriate to ensure Nutricia Healthcare Professional (HCP) staff can continue to provide essential expert support.

Wellola is one of Europe’s leading patient facing platform providers and offers video consultations, personal health records, online assessments, appointments bookings and secure messaging. More than 600 health organisations in the UK are now using Wellola and its video service has been rolled out among GPs across Ireland. The Wellola system offers high levels of security and aims to remove structural barriers to care via its secure GDPR-compliant patient communication portal.

More than 1,600 caring, dedicated professionals make up Nutricia in the UK and Ireland. Together, they support thousands of patients, families, carers and Healthcare Professionals providing a path to help people live longer, healthier lives. People of all ages rely on Nutricia products and services, from the moment of birth though to the elderly. This platform is further evidence of Nutricia’s vision, to provide personalised support and solutions necessary to help individuals and their families through difficult and challenging times.

Sonia Neary, Wellola CEO, added:

It has been our pleasure to work with such a forward thinking and dynamic team at Nutricia. Developing the Nutricia Care app and platform is fully aligned with Wellola’s vision to support healthcare providers, such as the specialist team at Nutricia, to deliver care in the community leveraging digital tools.

Noel Daly, Nutricia Services Brand Manager, added:

A key lesson arising from our experience of the COVID-19 pandemic to date is the vital role of nutrition support in the nursing home setting, for both healthy and unwell or chronically ill residents. It has become increasingly clear that one’s health status upon contracting COVID-19 is crucial for a successful recovery. We are proud to work with Wellola to deliver this state-of-the-art technology to our Nutricia Care Nursing Home partners, ensuring they won’t miss out on expert guidance and support during these unprecedented times.

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Sonia Neary

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