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Irish Startup led consortium wins EU grant for COVID-19 Monitoring and Triaging Platform

A consortium led by Think Biosolution, an Irish Medtech SME won a €150,000 grant from DIGI-B-CUBE call. The other consortium partners are Wellola from Ireland, Chino.io from Italy, and SYNYO Gmbh from Austria. Together they will further develop and test EU's first automated triaging platform for COVID-19 patients.

In total, 217 applications from 470 SMEs were received by DIGI-B-CUBE. The applications cover 34 countries from all over Europe and its associated countries. After an intense review period of four weeks, a total of 17 applications were selected for funding. Eight projects got Prototyping Vouchers worth up to €60,000 per project, and nine projects for Customised Solution Innovation Vouchers are worth up to €150,000 per project.
In the current cohort, Customised Solution Innovation Vouchers were granted for topics like Sleep Apnea Test Device, COVID-19 Monitoring, and in vitro cellular immunoassays. The DIGI-B-CUBE call aim at unlocking the cross-sectoral collaborative potential of SMEs by combining novel digital technologies with the Bioimaging/Biosensing/Biobanking and related industries. The next and final cut-off date for the submission of customized solution innovation and prototyping vouchers is on 03 February 2021.

said Dr. Udatha Gupta, Project Coordinator of DIGI-B-CUBE and Director (Digital & EU), Oslo Cancer Cluster, Oslo Norway.

This DIGI-B-CUBE funding will be instrumental for us to launch our COVID-19 platform in the EU from a regulatory framework. Our strong consortium of partners will ensure that our platform is regulatory compliant as well as delivers value in terms of patient adherence and early warning score to At-Home COVID-19 patients"

said Dr. Shourjya Sanyal, Think Biosolution.

Wellola is proud to collaborate with our partner, Think Biosolution, on such an innovative and exciting project; the outcome of which has the potential to deliver enormous clinical and economic benefit in multiple healthcare settings on a global scale.

added Sonia Neary, MD at Wellola.


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