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Benefits for Nutricia

Care Partners

Our Nutricia Care app allows our dedicated team of HCPs to easily arrange onsite or virtual visits (by video call) with our Nutricia Care Partner Nursing Homes. Video calls hosted within the system are via a state-of-the-art peer-to-peer encrypted video conferencing facility that ensures video calls are always fully secure.


A key feature of the app is that it provides easy access to a calendar to view appointments for both onsite and virtual visits. This is visible to Nursing Homes and Nutricia Care HCPs. There is also the option to download and send electronic referral forms, access Nutricia Care specialised resources and to communicate and share information securely with Nutricia Care HCPs. The app can be downloaded on mobile format for use on a phone or tablet and a desktop version is also available. 

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We take the care of our customers' very seriously. We believe that the Digitisation of any business process must be matched with proportionately sophisticated Cybersecurity measures. All data is backed up and stored in state-of-the-art Amazon Web Services data-centers within the EU.

We avail of third party 24/7/365 monitoring that takes advantage of the latest statistical mechanisms & machine learning to provide a premium quality control & risk management service. Thanks to our heterogeneous monitoring & logging systems, we are able to identify abnormal patterns of behaviour quickly & take the appropriate action.