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  1. What is the best way to make a call?

  2. I can't access my camera and/or microphone

  3. My microphone isn't working

  4. I'm not getting a microphone warning but the other party still cannot hear me

  5. Can I use Chrome/Firefox/Opera on Mac/iPhone?

  6. Are calls secure?

Payment & Security

  1. What does Merchant Service Security mean?

  2. What is Stripe?

  3. Can I take Credit Card Payment In-Clinic?

  4. How do your Merchant Services Work?

Setting up your account

  1. How do I schedule a demonstration?

  2. How do I create a Wellola account?

  3. How do I add a clinician?

  4. How do I add a patient?

  5. How do I insert terms and conditions?

  6. How do I create appointment types?

  7. How do I top up SMS messages?

  8. How do I send a patient appointment reminders?

  9. How do I send patients a messages?

  10. How do I create a booking online?

  11. How do I create an appointment?

  12. How do I cancel an appointment?

  13. How do I invite patients to telehealth appointments?

  14. How do I create a telehealth appointment?

  15. How do I connect my diary to Google calendar?

  16. How do I remove a clinician?

  17. How do I remove a patient?

  18. How do I delete my Wellola account?


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