Do you have a large network of providers?

Why Wellola Enterprise?

Do you have a large network of providers? Would you like a listing site for that network or to upgrade your current site to a booking site?Are you looking to increase traffic or commercialise your network?Do you need to enhance member benefits or support patients in finding the right provider for them? Wellola’s white-labelled booking site might just be the answer:-

Offer your patients a seamless healthcare experience from online booking and SMS appointment reminders to billing. Provide secure video consultations with no downloads.
Now available, unlimited, for FREE with Wellola.

Expedite clinic GDPR compliance.
Tools include our secure authenticated messaging system for your patients - attach invoices or documents as needed, centralise clinic records, tick-the-box consent, client import, export and delete features.

Features include search functions, listing pages, member profile pages, "online booking" buttons with each members’ profile.

Our system can link directly with a clinic’s diary to avoid any double booking trouble.

We make the integration as seamless as possible for you, your members and most importantly, patients needing care.