eMENtal Health

pilot platform for community and voluntary sector organisations

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About the pilot

This pilot programme is a joint initiative between Mental Health Reform (eMEN project) and Wellola. Wellola offers a secure  platform for one-to-one sessions or other supportive interventions with clients, and is one of the SMEs engaging with the eMEN project.

The pilot aims to prototype and test the feasibility and value of providing a dedicated and secure route for relevant community and voluntary sector mental health providers (organisations and individual practitioners) to get online quickly in these challenging times associated with the COVID-19 crisis. It offers these service providers free of charge access to the Wellola portal for an initial 3-month period, which can be used for providing online mental health support to clients, including secure phone and video consultations and client management system.

After the initial 3 months of the trial, the participating organisations/individuals will be asked to provide us with feedback - through a survey and/or a focus group - on their experiences using the tool and suggestions for improvement going forward. Mental Health Reform’s eMEN project will facilitate the pilot and will draw on the learning from the survey/focus groups to support our broader work in the eMental health space. Based on the feedback gathered, we will aim to facilitate ongoing access to the Wellola portal for community and voluntary sector organisations providing mental health services online. 

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Who can participate

The focus of this pilot is on established community and voluntary sector providers of quality assured therapy and structured psycho-education programmes that already operate in the more traditional offline modes. Access is currently limited to service providers who are members of Mental Health Reform and/or organisations collaborating with the eMEN project Ireland. Contractually, the arrangement will be between the mental health provider and Wellola, through a standard Wellola agreement, except that Welllola will waive their normal usage subscription charge for the duration of the pilot.  Mental Health Reform’s eMEN project will facilitate the pilot and will draw on the learning from the survey/focus groups to support our broader work in the eMental health space.

Get started

The link below brings you directly to the Wellola portal, which supports all aspects of getting started in providing online sessions with clients, including establishment of secure video links for conducting sessions as well as a wide range of administrative and other tools. An electronic guide and videos on how to set up an account and use the Wellola suite will be provided to all participants. Wellola team will be also available to guide the users through the portal functionality and provide any necessary one-to-one technical support to the participants of the pilot. 




The Wellola team believes only the sickest of the sick should be hospitalised and that the future of healthcare is preventative, community-based and supported by digital tools. Wellola enables connected care through our care enabling technology solution. Ensuring high quality care that is effective, efficient, equitable, accessible and acceptable to patient users underpins all that we do. Our Portal solution adds value by personalising & enhancing the patient experience, empowering self-management and ensuring care is delivered in the right place, at the right time, by the right person. Furthermore, we are currently embedding key measurement tools used by mental health practitioners within the system.