Telehealth- Disrupting How Irish Healthcare Professionals Do Business


In a world of instant coffee, Netflix and online banking, consumers have an increasing expectation quick and easy access to whatever it is that that they want. It’s not surprising therefore that with the advent of telehealth – the use of video to facilitate online consultations – patients have leapt at the opportunity to connect with their healthcare providers from home. The outcomes have surpassed expectations with, in many cases, patients having better outcomes, less hospital re-admissions, higher levels of satisfaction and more profitable practices.

The growth of telehealth in Ireland is going beyond GP consultations and is now becoming part of the practices of physiotherapists, dietitians, occupational therapists and even fitness instructors. If the trends being seen in the US are anything to go by, then telehealth mania is about to kick off and become part of our everyday healthcare experience here in Ireland.

Telehealth in the USA

  • Telehealth makes up nearly 25% of the health IT market which is valued at $15.6 billion in 2014
  • The number of patients using telehealth services will increase to 7 million in 2018 (up from less than 350,000 in 2013)
  • 67% of patients said that using telehealth increased their satisfaction with medical care

But it’s not just the patients that are loving this new technology. Healthcare providers are now able to monetise short telehealth consultations and access a patient base far outside of their immediate geography.

Wellola & PhysioLinked

Companies like Wellola and Physiolinked are leading the way in the Irish market by combining online booking, telehealth and practice management solutions all on the same platform. As the demand for improved access to healthcare continues to grow, practices that embrace change and engage with this new technology are likely to reap the rewards.

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